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UpCycled Pendant with Trinidite

Never heard of Trinidite before? That's because my friend coined the term.  It refers to a green and blue "stone" we used to find on the railroad tracks in Trinidad, Colorado.  Once she realized that it could be cut and polished into a gorgeous cabachon, she named it Trinidite.  After a little research, it turns out that it may be a by product of the coking process associated with coal mining.  it is found along the train tracks as it was sometimes used as ballast or just hauled out on trains.  I made this pendant for a "Trash Art" show, it is all found or upcycled objects including tin cans, sea glass, stainless steal from the sugar mills, spent rifle casings, washers, and recycled copper electrical and speaker wire.  The pendant is approx.2.5 x 1.25 on an 18" chain.


$230     Price

$4       Shipping & Handling

$234    Total

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