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Virgin de Guadalupe

This is one of my favorite pieces! Not only because I have always been enamored with the Religious iconography and similar depictions in the Southwest, but because, it is these more elaborate pieces that compel me to my studio to witness, almost second hand, the progression from an idea to a finished piece.  With 49 hand-cut stones and ivory, this piece was quite an adventure to make.  The chatoyant quality of the blue Pietresite lends to the illusion of flowing robes.  The Noreena Jasper could not be more perfect for flames, and the Tiger's Eye, also chatoyant, glitters as the light plays over it.  I always enjoy watching the transformation in the ivory as I scrimshaw it to give detail and personality to a piece. 

This is a large, almost sculptural, piece measuring approx. 3.5" x 2.5".  The substantial hook bail on the back is large enough to accommodate a thick chain and is also designed to hook into chains or slide between beads on a beaded necklace.  There is a matching handmade sterling, ivory, and pietresite included with this piece.


Price available Upon Request


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