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Haka Kane

My hommage to the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival of Hawaii and inspired by a recent trip to Aotearoa (New Zealand) for a Gathering of Indigenous Artists.  One of my favorite dances in Aotearoa was the "Haka", a traditional Maori dance now performed at special occasions such as welcoming guests, or to acknowledge great achievements or special occasions.  Traditionally, War Haka were performed by warriors before battle to proclaim their strength and intimidate the opposition. 

This is one of my more elaborate pieces, with carved and scrimshawed Fossil Walrus Ivory. I have depicted this warrior with his tongue out, a classic pose of intimidation in the Haka. I have also used sterling tubing and 14k gold to create the patterns on his pareo.  The waist is articulated, allowing the hips to swing freely.  This piece is part of a Hula couple, they are sold seperately.


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